The unique GrowPura® system has been developed to grow plants in a clean room environment with a significant amount of flexibility to meet many differing market needs.

Plants can be grown in their own bio-environment, and grown with the objective of high yields,
clean product (avoiding further processing) and cost effectively with a serious concern for environmental impact.

The team have wide market experience and this is brought to bear to ensure sensible coherent solutions are provided for customers. Find out more about the range of services and for more detailed information relevant to the plants you are interested in growing.


Demand for quality and superior green plant based ingredients is going to increase as the Pharmaceutical industry gears itself to expand and develop new drugs and medicines using more plant based material. Plants have good therapeutic properties as direct therapeutic and bioactive agents.

Supply Chain Integration

GrowPura’s automated system is designed to support many critical food manufacturing processes where producers stand to benefit from integration of key ingredients produced through the wall avoiding transportation.

Plant Research

Growpura® plant research services and technology solutions continue to meet the challenges and demands of a number of industry sectors. The GrowPura System developed by the team has huge benefits and stands out amongst competitors as being the best vertical farming technology available today.


Food security is on everyone’s mind and with a global rising population, food scarcity and food poverty, there can be no excuse for continued food waste. Growpura® has been responding to the challenges the industry faces.
The Growpura® system has been designed to support producers who need to scale up and achieve a balance where waste and resources do not have to cost the earth and where they can produce healthier products which help to feed the world and save lives.