Advances in biotechnology are expanding opportunities for plants to be used as factories for the manufacture of new and existing drugs, natural therapies, and medicines. Our technology has been developed with these needs in mind, and is particularly well suited due to the use of:

  • Plants being grown in clean room conditions. This minimises human contact with plants and subsequent infection risk.
  • Track and tracing technology, with plants being tracked throughout the growing cycle and through to harvesting.
  • Product can be tracked back to batches.
  • Microbiological monitoring.
  • Imaging technology for the early detection of disease and harvest optimisation.
  • Plant growth models which inform the treatment of plants during the growing process to ensure just in time harvesting.


Product can be harvested continuously or in batches as required by the customer. The flexibility of our system provides an unmatched capability to provide customised product that is consistent and reliable.

Customers can also take advantage of the ability to monitor every plant by conducting comparative research of plants within the system: Plants can be treated with different nutritional or environmental profiles and compared with those in normal production.

The GrowPura® system has been designed to facilitate pharmaceutical production in the following ways:

  • All plants from seed or culture are grown in clean room conditions.
  • The growing rooms are operated with full traceability, environmental swabbing, microbiological monitoring and zero human intervention is required.

Phenomenal Flexibility

During their growing phase within the incredibly flexible GrowPura process, plants are moved to different growing rooms for inoculation and then return to an environment where the plant can be grown prior to harvest and the active ingredient extraction.

Various plants can be grown for ingredients and extracts and applied across a range of applications and product uses such as;

  • Personal health care

  • Product purity

  • Extracts and nutritional supplements for medicines

  • Active compounds based on natural products.

The diversity amongst the plant species continues to provide opportunities for new products and a number of developments over recent years has led to the production of natural pharmaceuticals such as plant derived monoclonal antibodies used to treat infectious disease and cancer.

Natural Plants applications and product uses include;

  • Natural fragrances

  • Botanical/Natural

  • Human Biologics

Artificial Intelligence

Alongside the use of multiple growing rooms and environments, we focus upon research with the use real time sensors and AI to optimise the processes for the individual pharmaceutical requirement.

GrowPura® technology is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the Pharmaceutical Industry where plant based opportunities are advancing including opportunities for plants to facilitate expression and production of proteins, metabolites and complex natural products for research and bio-medical applications using a proprietary, transient expression technology. It allows for the simultaneous production of multiple gene products in a controlled and coordinated manner within the tissues of plants.

GrowPura® is embarking on extensive research in order to apply and adapt the use of its cutting edge technologies and AI, to support such emerging markets and new plant based medicines that are produced in controlled, safe and clean environments and ensure that regulatory requirements and quality standards are maintained across the complete ingredients and supply chain.

This will enable doctors and hospitals to provide trusted and traceable product brands that offer targeted bio metric treatment for a number of ailments that are better suited and engineered to meet individual patient needs and which patients can make informed decisions about, have confidence in and are known to be safe brands.

Batch or Continuous Processing

The system enables one to operate in batch or continuous process depending on the customer requirements.

The data gathering and analysis of each plant will help to ensure consistent quality, optimisation, supply and traceability of plant material products suitable for a number of applications whatever the quantity.

Operational Services

GrowPura® can offer various levels of service from turnkey installation, ongoing support and monitoring or full site operation.

GrowPura® license technology options provide clients with ongoing technical software support and training services tailored to meet your needs so you can continue to grow uninterrupted. The real time analysis benefits enable you to continuously monitor and gather data and designed to keep control in your hands all year round.


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