A Driver for Change

Lots of businesses use key plant ingredients in their processes and can be subject to a range of potential business interruptions:

  • Inconsistent supply
  • Pandemic
  • Customer and supplier delays

To name but a few…

Many food producers are seeking to diversify and allocate their resources using new technology and switching to more efficient and sustainable smart production and manufacturing processes such as Hydroponics to meet the demand driven by consumers. Producers can adapt small or large scale systems depending on their available land or footprint. GrowPura Technology provides scalable solutions to producers needing to expand there business to larger scale automated production.

Hydroponics is being recognised as the solution to many of the challenges facing traditional production methods such as pollution and water use. GrowPura® advances in AI automation and robotics helps producers to keep human interaction and labour costs to a minimum, reducing food waste and making better use of limited space offering product diversification and added value routes to market. It is altering the supply chain management options on harvested fresh goods and produce. Hydroponics is a viable option for soil-less farming in both rural and urban settings.

GrowPura’s automated system is designed to support many critical food manufacturing processes where producers stand to benefit from integration of key ingredients produced through the wall avoiding transportation. Pharmaceutical plant based manufacturing processes used for producing products for medicinal use is a key industry which everyone stands to benefit from as we become more aware of the importance of heath, nutrition and well being. Building local growing commercial hubs at point of sale or service such as in cities, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, libraries, also increases nutrition factors in the crop through ‘just in time’ delivery enabling shorter shelf life and reducing food miles.

Food miles reduction leads to less harmful environmental emissions as less energy is used for transport, storage and cooling, and packaging. Hydroponics is strengthening and driving the local food and circular economy and addressing climate change. It enables flexibility to alter products produced according to trends and demands in metropolitan areas. Hydroponics is enabling smart cities to emerge.

GrowPura®’s Automation Benefits

A GrowPura facility on the manufacturing site with delivery of the key ingredient through the wall can top up existing supplies while also providing:

  • Improved environmental footprint due to reduced food miles
  • Manufacturing control
  • Reduced wastage
  • Flexibility to grow numerous products at short notice

Examples could include plant-based toppings for pizzas, convenience foods; plant based extracts for herbal remedies; key components in major food processes (for example, Stevia, a natural sugar substitute). GrowPura can provide the facility, ongoing technical support, and product development internationally.

Growpura’s system has been carefully designed and implemented with the integration of waste management and re-use, post harvest logistics, sourcing design and analysis, flows and inventory management, food losses and operational efficiency, and use of AI providing integrated transport and distribution block chain solutions.

GrowPura’s cloud based technology and data software will be used by growers to capture data and offers real time analysis on every plant during its life cycle, as well as provide automated total control of the growing environment, providing the security and food safety traceability that is required by industry standards.

GrowPura’s automated moving system enables the plants to move in a closed loop and different crops can be grown under controlled environments to suit 365 days of the year. This provides consistent plant quality, optimisation and flexibility. GrowPura’s tried and tested system has been proven and delivers high yields for over 60 plant types such as high value fresh herbs, leaf greens and micro greens that are clean, safe, and ready to eat. The automated system uses less energy and water and requires minimum human interaction which means labour costs are significantly reduced which increases ROI.

GrowPura is continuing to develop its technology which will see it move from low carbon to completely carbon neutral processes by 2030 and will continue to pass the efficiency cost saving benefits and solutions of its technology to its licensed clients.

Growpura systems and technology advancements provide the ideal platform to develop solutions tofeed the smart cities of the future to becoming more sustainable, efficient and resourceful resulting in less waste and impact on the environment.


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