GrowPura® is a team of diverse and talented people who come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. They are innovative and passionate in their mission to meet the challenges posed by threats to the planet, climate change, food security, scarcity and poverty.

GrowPura is a catalyst and agent for change. The team is constantly innovating and responding to challenges to improve efficiency, reduce waste and drive forward the green revolution providing sustainable technical solutions to a number of commercial sectors and industries within the UK and the rest of the world.

As the CEO of GrowPura, Nick is responsible for the strategic direction of the business to firmly establish the brand and its innovative technology as market leaders in the vertical farming hydroponics industry.

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Nick Bateman

Chief Executive Officer

I enjoy the involvement with a wide variety of organisations and individuals to better understand their goals and objectives. My advice brings accountancy and commercial awareness together.

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Paul Woodburn

Finance Director

A plant scientist who has more than 10 years expertise with a wide range of practical hydroponics growing systems and micro-propagation technologies, with over 20 years experience in Horticulture.

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Jo Bayley

Research Strategist Lead Consultant

Two decades of creating and shipping new technology

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Mathew Best BSc Brunel & MSc Sussex

AI & Robotics CTO

A microbiologist/biochemist by training, the early part of my career was spent specialising in fermentation research at ICI - including the development of the Quorn process.

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Peter Willis CBiol

Operations Manager, Colworth Park

James is a graduate from Aston University where he achieved a first class degree in mechanical engineering. He has a year of industrial experience at Cummins Turbo technologies where he developed his knowledge of Matlab and simulation.

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James Hewett

Mechanical Engineer, Colworth Park


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