Our cutting-edge GrowPura® vertical moving hydroponic technology provides a number of solutions, some of which are listed here:

Feasibility Study for your project | Consultancy | Turnkey Solutions for your Facility | Technology Licenses | Research Contracts | Financing Solutions (coming soon) | Skill Centre and Training


The elements included will include a combination of the following:

Site Review

Product assessment

Product Research Trial – For example, customer samples, simulations, economic assessment (the team involved will include horticulturalists, engineers, management consultants, and financial analysts).
This can range from a swift appraisal to an extensive review.


The team comprises a wide range of in-house specialists who can advise on new projects, retro-fitting – from HVAC, lighting, irrigation, growing – in fact on most topics for hydroponics through to vertical farming.

Subject Matter Expertise and support can involve and span a wide
range of disciplines and include; AI Software Designers & Engineers,
Bio Scientists & Chemists, Product Design, Architectural Design
Real Estate Developers, Marketing, Brand Licensing & IP Rights
Electronic, Robotics & Automation Specialists, Meteorologists,
Product & Digital Design Services, Material Components,
Pharmaceutical Scientists, Lighting Specialists to name but a few.

Turnkey Solutions

Most customers want a turnkey solution and GrowPura with their
partners can offer worldwide design, equip and project manage
solutions to give you confidence in a smooth transition to a
successful business, GrowPura will offer ongoing support and
undertake fully managed facilities.

Technology Licenses

Licenses to access the technology are available. Full details can be ascertained by discussing with the team. The company offers ongoing support and software to operate facilities.

GROWPURA® Skill Centre

The company has launched the National Hydroponics Demonstrator and Skill Centre to develop the opportunities for increasing the available skill base for vertical farming and hydroponic operations.