It is estimated that the total world population could reach 10 Billion in 2050.

The land to grow crops and arable land is disappearing at alarming unsustainable rates. Some of the key contributing factors over the last few years are climate change, soil erosion, over growing, and deforestation. We are running out of space and increasing farmland is not going to be an option. We need nutrient rich foods to survive and new approaches to how we grow our food. Food security and scarcity impacts on us all and on future generations.

The Vertical Farming and Hydroponics industry is already leading lead the way. The soil less system is sustainable and provides many benefits.

Growpura are passionate about the environment and believe whilst vertical farming is here to stay, the environment and sustainability must take a significant place in any long term business. In our revolutionary approach to hydroponics technology, GrowPura can and will continue to strive to make positive impacts upon the environment.

Our experts have therefore worked tirelessly to develop sustainable solutions for growing plants in optimum conditions, whether for medicinal or nutraceutical purposes, for food, flavours, fragrance, or other applications.

The innovative GrowPura® system has a wide variety of key advantages that are all beneficial to the world in which we live, including:

GrowPura® - Better for the environment

GrowPura minimises wastage and has far greater productivity than conventional field crops, with an output that is approximately 150 times higher per unit area. The multi-level process enables the reduction of land use whilst zero soil is required – which means that there is no soil depletion or erosion, with industrial and brownfield sites being suitable thus alleviating pressure on land that is either ecologically important or prime for agriculture.

Growth is also augmented through CO2 supplementation, which is efficiently available to the plants because of the closed climate control therefore CO2 is not vented outside, as with conventional glasshouses.

Simply put, GrowPura provides better products which are better for the environment.

GrowPura® – The Key Advantages

The innovative GrowPura system has a wide variety of key advantages that are all beneficial to the world in which we live, including:

  • Using wherever possible renewable energy resources
  • Natural sunlight as prime source of lighting supplemented by artificial light
  • Moving system reduces energy used to meet the plant light requirements
  • Less physical infrastructure – saving on raw materials
  • The system uses a fraction of the water required for field irrigated crops and no runoff
  • Water and air is recycled
  • The high care factor ensures clean grown crops, with no need to wash (saving transport, energy and other resources) and avoiding wastage
  • All year round production avoids imports during the winter
  • ‘Transport miles’ are also reduced as facilities can be located near the customer base
  • Low energy LED lighting
  • A dimming function is linked to multiple sensors to ensure that all plants receive the optimum light for growth, while also optimising energy efficiency

Perhaps even more important than these points listed is the fact that GrowPura delivers pesticide free crop production, with no harmful
run off released into the environment.