GrowPura leads the industry in its research vision and desire to continuously improve vertical farming technology. A key benefit of our moving vertical hydroponics solution is the ability to efficiently monitor every plant within the system. Plants can be subjected to different lighting or nutrient conditions and compared to plants grown in the same environment. Plant growth data is then captured, providing a rich source of data for future growing operations.

GrowPura® Plant Benefits

There are numerous aspects of plant growth that can be researched or captured in this system:

  • Optimisation of active ingredient yields
  • Harvesting optimisation
  • Extending the number of possible harvests for a given plant (for example, Basil, which can be harvested and re-grown multiple times)
  • Stimulation of flowering
  • Seed selection for numerous traits

GrowPura tried and tested system has been proven and delivers high yields for over 60 plant types such as high value fresh herbs, leaf greens and micro greens that are clean, safe, and ready to eat. Different crops can be grown under controlled environments.

GrowPura leading research team of experts will continue to develop and deliver research solutions for clients in a number of industry sectors for a range of products. Plant growth models can be developed to an accuracy not previously seen. The technology has the ability to capture plant growth data of all plants under a variety of conditions.

With growing interest in natural plant based drug discovery and development huge opportunities are opening up for a range of new plant based food and health related products and drugs that have less side effects and provide a range of social and economic health benefits and support well being nationally and globally.

AI Plant Innovation & Growth

Artificial Intelligence provides numerous optimisation opportunities in the production cycle:

  • Demand forecasting and subsequent production planning

  • Detection of plant stress (for example, water distress or disease)

  • Nutrient deficiency detection

  • Optimisation of plant movement throughout a facility for maximum efficiency

There are many more…

Modern AI is enabling our team to undertake ground breaking research that will deliver new brands and products that are sustainable and can be marketed and assist in the fight against disease and age related illness.

GrowPura® is investing heavily with its partners into research in order to support R&D Innovation and Collaboration into the well-green revolution at the Colworth Facility where it will offer Research Based Training opportunities for graduates.

The sectors plant research and development services include;

  • Real time Plant Analysis
  • Real time feedback control of growing conditions
  • Plant and Crop Research
  • Fully controlled environments
  • Agri-Tech and Food
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Phytopharmaceuticals
  • Biochemicals
  • Bio-pharmaceuticals
  • Training
  • Licensing – International scope & patents pending
  • Contract Research
  • Premium Industrial Applications


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