Vertical hydroponics holds great potential for solving many of the globe’s environmental and production challenges. Key to this is the ability to grow plants efficiently saving water and land, however in many cases the promise has outweighed delivery due to the modern challenges of vertical hydroponics.

Our innovative moving vertical hydroponics technology and clean room process is controlled throughout, with multiple sensing so that all products are continuously monitored. This state-of-the-art growing system allows us to create high quality produce without the need for pesticides or washing, meaning that our crops are cleaner and fresher, with food crops that are ready to eat.

How does the Automated Hydroponic Technology work?

This cutting edge, patent protected technology incorporates a
series of multilevel stacked trays that move around the bio-hall
growing room. This movement:

  • Improves physiological performance of the plant by more
    closely mimicking natural conditions and increasing
    photosynthetic efficiency
  • Reduces the capital cost of infrastructure required by
    taking the plant to where it needs to be for lighting,
    irrigation, harvesting, etc.
  • Provides enormous production flexibility by being able
    to modulate the environmental conditions each plant receives.

The precise plant requirements can be pre-set, with set points for irrigation,
level of lighting, humidity, temperature and CO2 levels all monitored.

Literally hundreds of data points enable fully controlled environments and
optimised growing conditions with a full history of crop data.



A unique, closed greenhouse design saves energy and combines the latest in building and controlled environment technologies, which means that GrowPura® can offer you year-round production capabilities in an environment which is perfectly suited to your specific crop requirements.


We deploy an innovative hybrid lighting system which combines dimmable LEDs at every level with naturally diffused light. This optimises light availability for photosynthesis and plant growth, whilst at the same time reduces the use of energy; our lighting management system utilises multiple sensors to detect light and feedback.

High Care Production Environment

A completely controlled environment is host to the propagation, growing and packing areas, with filtered air and integrated barrier controls working to optimise hygiene standards. This clean room, combined with the highest standard of clean growing protocols allow for the production of clean and ready to eat salad crops that can be consumed straight from the pack and without the need for washing.